Stye Introduction

Stye (also known as hordeolum) is an infection of exocrine gland of skin located at the end of eyelid. Basically it is of two types. These are external stye and internal stye. It is characterized by red bumps and is quite painful too. The bacterium accountable for this infection is Staphylococcus Aureus.

Although treatment of stye varies from normal to severe and acute conditions, nevertheless there are some universal and effective methods and by the help those ways you can easily get rid of stye fast and not only this you can also stop them from occurring again.  So if you

general are searching answers for the question how to get rid of stye then the most proven ways are mentioned below.

General and natural methods for getting rid of stye:


As discussed above, staphylococcus aureus infects the sebaceous gland and dirt, squalor and filth plays vital role in increasing infection. So if you are planning to get rid of a stye first thing you need to do is clean the affected are from time to time. Make sure to not use any stubborn chemical or stuffs like that you can use warm water instead.  By help of cotton and warm water, clean stye at least twice in every five hour.

Warm Compress:

Swelling caused by stye leads to the formation of pain. You can either use clean towel or cotton cloth and by the help of steam or warm water raise the temperature of cloth and gently compress the affected area. This may release pus from the infectious zone. Don’t panic. Just clean it again dearly.  Make sure that your towel and cloth you are using for compression is quite tidy and clean. Redo the whole procedure repeatedly. This will not only help you to get rid of pain and swelling caused due to stye but also trigger its eradication.

 Coriander Seed:

Coriander seeds are basically beneficial for taking care of swelling and pain occurs from stye. Put coriander seed in water for one hour or two (for best result). Squeeze the soaked seed and use the water as a cleaner for stye. Rinse the stye effected area with that water and apply the same procedure at least a week for better results.

Guava leaf:

Guava leaf is also well known for its bactericidal properties. You can either use guava leaf compression for better and quick result. Take guava leaf and put them into warm water. After few seconds take that leaf and compress over your stye affected area. Once temperature of leaf become normal, again dip the leaf in to warm water and repeat the same procedure.  Within 5-7 days you can easily examine the change. However it may take bit longer if complications are more.

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